Catalyst Consulting Mission

Our Mission

We exist to provide financial self-sufficiency to the Anglican Church in Rwanda to support the ministries of the Church –including education, nutrition, Church planting and discipleship.


The Anglican Church is a major force in Rwanda – there are 2,300 Anglican Churches, representing 1.1 million Anglicans, or 10% of the population.

In a country where the average income is $700 a year, and where there are scars due to past violence, the Anglican Church is an agent for good.

Only 13% of 3-5 year olds are in school, so the Church is establishing preschools 15 so far, serving 1,300 children.

Malnutrition stunts growth for 50% of children, so each child in school receives a nutritious meal every school day.

We work in slums, giving women skills and funding to start businesses.

We train Rwandan farmers to use best practices to increase their farm yields.

We are on track to impact this nation. Our only limiting factor is funding.

Catalyst Consulting, Ltd. exists to generate profits to fund all of these efforts to do good for Rwanda.

You get world class consulting, plus the satisfaction that the work you commission does good.

Won't you call today and tell us about your needs? Your engagement will work for you, and for good.

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