Holistic Customer Research


Research is critical to any marketing effort. Without, you are betting your marketing dollars on speculation and opinion, and not on true Customer intent.

Many think that research is only things like e-mail based Customer surveys. While those are, indeed, critical, they do not represent the whole picture. We combine the why of consumer research with the rigor of database analytics to build sound initiatives and creating positive results. We have helped our clients gain actionable insight into positioning, customer segments, decision-making process, competitive set, and drivers of loyalty.

Database research is transaction oriented, even those with psychographic and demographic overlays. Simplistically, database analysis tells what happened; consumer research tells why it happened and what may happen in the future. Consumer research gives context about customers’ thought process and attitudes about a brand, category, the economy and more.

However, database analysis and consumer research can complement each other. Using both tools, Windward Group often unearths amazing nuggets that lead to new marketing strategies and increased profitability.

The quality of our analysis distinguishes our research from that of marketing research or database analytic companies. We do far more than provide graphs and client-driven cross tabs; we dig, ponder and work the data until we find the strategic jewels, insights that provide the learning’s for future development. These insights come from our rigorous and thorough analysis coupled with intuition gleaned from our experience developing and implementing strategic plans for the companies we have led. Most analysts have a narrow, technical focus; we are strategists, with a passion for examining consumer data and coaxing out learning’s that can be profitably translated into strategic initiatives.

Research: well envisioned, well executed, and well analyzed should be the foundation of your marketing program.

We coax out of the data the heart of the customer intent, and codify it in a few impactful strategies. We think that your key strategies should be limited to 4-5 and fit on one page. There does not need to be a large number, only the right informed ones.

These strategies, derived from accurate research, form the foundation of a full blown three-year marketing plan.

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