What we do

What We Do

Put simply, we are business change agents.  We know what it is to run a business.  We know how to evaluate businesses.

Our partners have more than 100 years of combined business experience working for a variety of for profit and not for profit clients.  We have helped dozens of companies achieve dramatic improvement in their business. While we are capable of assisting businesses in a variety of areas, we specialize in three areas:

You get better. We do good.

We think there are several things that set us apart from other management consultants:

Meaning that we believe in the power of quantitative and qualitative research for understanding business problems.

We believe that the key strategies for a company or organization should fit on on page.  If not, nothing gets done because it is too overwhelming.

We believe that data and information hold the keys to business transformation.  But, you must be willing to spend time with the data to discover strategic intent.

My former CEO said “what gets measured gets done”.  So, we help our clients establish metrics and develop business analytics to track them.

Our consultants are trained in finance and accounting.  We know how to look at the numbers, assess what is right and wrong, and identify how to make them better.

Our clients are also our friends.  Life is too short to have it any other way.

All that we do benefits the Anglican Church and their ministries.  We have a heart both for Rwanda and the Church.  This is how we demonstrate it.  And you have the benefit that the money you spend for our services helps Rwanda in practical ways.

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